Tangled in knots


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Saturday, January 10, 2004

It's a new year . I love the fresh start ! i finished one of the three scarves , yeah I know , (shake your head and sigh. ) I am going on a blog diet . I am all in the mix and can't do my own knitting , but know just about what all the bloggers are up to ...so no more checking out other knitting blogs( i'll restrain my self for about a week) I have 16 days before college snatches back my life ..... OUCH! I have started the second scarf and this on will be all knit , some thing quick and red for my son. I see why some people have 3-6 projects going on at once ... But it's finishing the projects wearing the projects that is deee-lightful ! I want to knit ababy sweater , will be participating in a knit swap in FEB , this should be fun..... I think i have to strat the summery projects now , i have this great desire to make bikini and halter top for my self and some cute hats .... okay so much ambition now what is the plan ? *blog diet *knit daily *blog (my own ) weekly this should kick things into gear right ? I'll tell you how I do next week ...... it's cold , don't let the frost bite .......................