Tangled in knots


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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Hi world I have been hiding in my biology book !and I have a cofession to make i did not manage to quit smoking . I did try , it was too overwhelming for me . i am back in school , taking 3 courses and my time is completely used up . I need to make some adjustments , have not even begun to work on the scarves for my sons yet !!!Talk about yarn loser .. So many things to work out . so to the following that i do have I apologize and promise more in the up comming weeks . Now where is that darn bio book?

Monday, September 01, 2003

Hi world ! I have been so busy with my beauty consulting business , enrolling for yet another semester at the ole community college and of course working the j.o.b .... The kids are back in school officially . And classes start for me the day after Labor day . I am looking forward to getting high marks this semester , i have to or lose the financial aide i've been granted . I am suppose to quit smoking cold turkey tommorow mid-night- wish me luck ....stay focused man !!! I seem calm now , but may be pulling out all hairs in a matter of 24 hrs .... but then I'll get over it ,right ? The plan is to knit instead of smoke .. Seems simple enough , right ? I'll keep you posted ....